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It all began with a single journey…

88e9aa2d3f2204072ded3641ea6760c5.jpg After working in the home accessories industry for more than 15 years, Jose Carlos and Raymundo Perez knew that home decor items available in stores were painfully ordinary. When a trend came, brands churned out variations on the same item over and over again, leaving interior designers struggling to find ways to give their clients creative, unique living spaces they desired.

 The pair envisioned something different. Something new, exciting and energizing that would make modern homes comfortable but at the same time visually striking and dynamic. Determined to bring their vision to life, the product designers set off to a fate-filled journey to India in search of the skilled artisans who could help them bring their unique designs to homes everywhere.

On that first trip to India, they were given a special red rock with the numbers 1 and 6 on it. When added together, the digits equal the lucky number seven. That single red rock proved to be a good omen, as by the end of the trip the partnership between Perez, Carlos and Shabtai was forged.

The name of the new design company was chosen in honor of that symbolic stone. "Rojo" is the Spanish word for red, and the digits 16 reflect the lucky number.

Since that trip, Rojo 16 has won the 26th Annual Arts Award for their imaginative collection of home decor items and furnishings meticulously crafted by Indian artisans out of molded wire, mercury glass, metals, wood, fabric and acrylic. The company is fast becoming a favorite of interior designers and lovers of the modern and unique due to the originality and unsurpassed quality of their designs.

We look forward to becoming one of your personal favorites, too.

Transforming your home into a beautiful living space is a journey, too. 

Rojo 16 is ready to help you embark on it.


Explore our collection now. Get inspired. And please don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.



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